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My passion for personal development began when I was just nine years old. About John

Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Member, National Guild of Hypnotists

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You’re Not Broken

There is an upward trend in this country. More and more people are diagnosed with a mental disorder of one kind or another. Increasing numbers of kids are medicated for ADD/ADHD. Ever more adults are diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Autism is on the rise. Why? It’s not necessarily what you think. It might be that we are poisoning ourselves with ... Read More

What is Parts Therapy?

Imagine for a moment that you are standing on a stage in a dark auditorium. The spotlight is on you. You can’t really see much of anything. But you can hear the crowd. Now, let the spot light scan over the crowd. You can see them, spread out before you, cheering you on! You can hear their screams of delight ... Read More

How to Have a Deep Hypnotic Experience

Never been hypnotized, but you want to give it a try? Want to make sure that you have the best possible experience? Here are a few tips: Be Comfortable Distractions are … well … distracting. So avoid them. Don’t wear tight shoes, or tight pants, or a belt that digs into your waist. Don’t wear a choker necklace. Avoid anything ... Read More

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