My family and I have moved to Florida. For the time being at least, I am not practicing hypnotherapy. It’s not that I don’t want to. But I have to decide, do I spend what little free time I have with my kids? And I hope you can understand my decision to put them first.

I’m still passionate about helping people. Which is why I have not taken down this website, and why I am making my pre-recorded hypnosis sessions available for free:

  • Instructions – Before you listen to any of the sessions below, I encourage you to listen to these instructions at least once, first.
  • Breathe and Radiate – A slow, gradual introduction to the hypnotic state, guiding you there in a way that produces profound relaxation and deep connection with your subconscious mind. It empowers you with tools you can use to quickly and easily regain that state any time you like. With its help, every day, in every way, you will keep getting better and better!
  • Experience Hypnosis – This is a session for those that have difficulty letting go and letting the process happen. If Breathe and Radiate didn’t do it for you, try this one, first.
  • Deeper and Deeper – Every time you listen, you are invited to go deeper than the time before. Use this session to “flex your hypnotic muscles” and build up the skill of going deep into the hypnotic state, so that you can get results faster and easier.
  • Healing – Suffering from pain? Need your body to heal? Give this a listen.
  • I Am An Oak – A spiritual session, designed to remind you to be strong, still, yet flexible in your approach to life.
  • Manifest Your Dreams – Activate the Law of Attraction in your life even more than it already is.
  • Pathway to Bliss – I created this for myself as a way to get my subconscious mind to identify and resolve the internal conflicts that we all harbor in our minds.
  • Sleep – For those who experience trouble falling asleep
  • Weight Loss Jump-Start – Program your mind with some of the key principles for how to lose weight. It’s just a jump-start, it is not the whole program. But give it a try, and see where it takes you.

Enjoy these free gifts. And if you want to drop me a note to say thank you, to tell me about what you experienced when listening to these sessions, feel free to send me an email to John at John Arrowwood dot Com.

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